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40ft Cargo Worthy Shipping Container for Sale.

11 Jun by Gabor Stumpf

40ft Cargo Worthy Shipping Container for Sale.

40ft Cargo Worthy Shipping Container for Sale.


Video Transcription:

Welcome to Shipping Containers Victoria. We have just received some new stock which I would like to show you. This particular one is a cargo worthy, 40ft standard container. Cargo worthy means that you can send it back onto the seas or put it straight on a rail if you need to. Usually these boxes are rather new. As you can see, this one is a 2005 manufacture and you’ll find that there’s hardly any dints along the side. I’ll show you the roof. It’s also in very good condition. As you can see, hardly a dint on the roof so you won’t have water collecting on it. All the doors and seals are very new, very easy to open and shut. As you can see I can basically fling it open with a single finger. When you look inside the container, you’ll see it’s hardly been used. It’s not a refurbished container, it has not been resprayed and just the way it’s got a very nice, straight roof, perfect walls, and as you can see a perfect floor as well. This time of the year when shipping companies are selling their unwanted stock, we very often get very good value for money. So, if you would like to inspect or purchase one of these containers, please call us on 03 9314 3331. Thank you for watching.

ByGabor Stumpf

Gabor Stumpf is the owner of Shipping Containers Victoria and has much experience providing and delivering containers all over Victoria at great rates!