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Diminishing job prospects for Rigid Drivers

8 Apr by Gabor Stumpf

Diminishing job prospects for Rigid Drivers


The combination of ever increasing Competition as well as Increasing Labour Costs are forcing more and more Transport Operations to engage Subcontracting Owner Drivers instead of running Company Rigid Trucks with their Employed Drivers.
We have seen this amongst Vans and Small Trucks already. Van drivers are 95% Owner Drivers, Not Employees. The same change is taking place amongst Rigid Fleets, with MR, HR Drivers finding it extremely difficult to find a Well Paying, Full Time Job driving a Rigid Truck.
For a Driver / Job Seeker the best solution is to obtain his/her HC (semi) licence. There is plenty of work available to Semi Drivers. Employers pay good rates and provide reasonable conditions. We highly recommend to all MR / HR job seekers to consider upgrading your Truck Licence to HC.
You can also list with a Govt. Employment Agency such as MatchWorks ( )they can provide financial assistance to eligible candidates.

ByGabor Stumpf

Gabor Stumpf is the owner of Shipping Containers Victoria and has much experience providing and delivering containers all over Victoria at great rates!