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FREE 60min Driving Practice with Car to HR Courses

14 May by Gabor Stumpf

FREE 60min Driving Practice with Car to HR Courses

Free 60min Driving Practice

40% of Car to HR Candidates Fail their Driving Test. They required addition Driving Practice and had to rebook and pay for a second Driving Test.
Going for the HR Manual Course and Test is quite a challenge for any Candidate with Car Licence only. If you have limited or NO experience in driving trucks, its a significant challenge to learn to drive an 8speed Manual, 12m Long, Large Rigid Truck which is Loaded with 8Ton Weight. A bit like Wanting to Learn to swim in 1 Day…
At Automated Driver Training we don’t like to see our Candidates Fail! We want to see You achieving your goal and be Successful passing your HR Test.
We have now incorporated a FREE, 90min Driving Practice PRIOR to you undertaking your course.
By offering this Free Practice, we can give you a True Feedback – in our expert opinion – if you may need more Driving Training or if you have Sufficient Skills to give Yourself the Best Chance in passing your HR Test.
While our assessment is NOT a Guarantee in any way, it could Save you Hundreds of $$$. Naturally, the ultimate Decision is Yours.
Our Free 90min. Driving Practice is only available to Candidates holding a Car Licence going for the HR 1 Day Course and Test. The $300.00 deposit for Your HR 1 Day Course must be paid in full prior to Booking this Free Lesson.

ByGabor Stumpf

Gabor Stumpf is the owner of Shipping Containers Victoria and has much experience providing and delivering containers all over Victoria at great rates!