Container Storage

Shipping Container Storage

Long Term and Short Term Shipping Container (full FCL and empty) Storage is available: 

Container Storage Fees and Container Rental Charges

Stacked storage is perfect for long term when you do not need acess. Rest assured your container and its contents are safe above another shipping container.

20ft Container Rental and Storage

Please email for a quote. NB: 20ft Container Rates are marginally cheaper compared to 40’s will present a much more cost effective option with Double the space.

40ft Container Stacked Storage – Access by Prior Arrangement

(Access to your container will require a minimum of 48 hours notice.)

$35.00 incl GST per week (own container only)

$65.00 incl GST per week (includes rental of a 40ft container)
Access Fee – $99.00 incl GST for access during your storage period.

40ft Container Ground Level Storage with Drive Up Access

Ground Level Storage enables you to have access to your shipping container 24/7.

$45.00 incl GST per week (your own container)

$75.00 incl GST per week (includes rental of a 40ft Container and Ground Storage)

  • We recommend to Fit a Lock Box – Supplied & Fitted on-site for $150.00
  • 24/7 Public Access available
  • Load your Own – On Site or On Our Yard – also available.

We also accommodate Short Term Storage requirements as well. Call: 0414 319 016

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Siting Your Shipping Container

Keep the container up off the ground to allow air flow under the container. We suggest placing container on either treated pine sleepers, old car tyres or solid concrete blocks. If placed directly on the ground, the base of the container will condensate and moisture will permeate through the timber floor and will cause moisture problems within. It will also cause rust on the steel cross members under the container.

Siting with Sleepers

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Siting with Tyres

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