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MR Driver with Disability going for HC (semi) Licence Course

8 Apr by Gabor Stumpf

MR Driver with Disability going for HC (semi) Licence Course


Having lost his right arm, our candidate took 9 months off work on the Disability Pension. Eager getting back to work, he found it nearly impossible to find work in an MR Truck. Having to rely on his Left Arm only, he is still able to drive a European Truck (with the indicator arm on the LHS) wich is equipped with a Fully Automatic Transmission.
We suggested that he should get his HC licence and offered him a suitable Semi Driver Position. Many Transport Operators now run fully automatic Prime Movers, making it possible for several Drivers with a Disability to get back to regular Work.
Stay tuned for updates on his progress…

ByGabor Stumpf

Gabor Stumpf is the owner of Shipping Containers Victoria and has much experience providing and delivering containers all over Victoria at great rates!